About Us


Our history - from a private perspective:

The very establishment of AdOcean is closely connected with our first server which allowed the execution of ad impressions. When the need to develop such a system arose (at the beginning of 2004), it was programmed and the first version of the AdOcean emitter came out (this was the beta version 0.001).

Subsequent events came very quickly: only after the emitter was ready, the first new "raw" interface was developed. However, thanks to the involvement of our programmers it became more user-friendly. At the moment, improvement of the interface is a continual process since we have been doing our utmost to improve not only its internal architecture by enriching and developing its options, but also the aspect which the client comes into direct contact with, namely the interface.

Campaigns were separated into orders to which cappings could be assigned, which made it possible to launch range campaigns. Subsequently, it was possible to target ads at users from selected countries, regions, cities and towns, IP addresses, connection links, domains, etc. The list became longer and then the first long-awaited user's manual was written. In the meantime, more and more clients expressed their interest in the system. It can be said that our product has been advertising itself as if it was heard by word of mouth, which supposedly speaks in the product's favour.